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When Pretty Fuschia Meets Lovely Lace

fb_1_40714-prom-dresses-camille-la-vieThere is something quite special about lace, especially when paired with the right palette for prom. And while purple seems to be one of the most favored colors of choice at the moment, you can’t overlook the appeal and rich decadence of a beautiful fuschia color. Yes, it’s bold and a bit daring, especially if you’re a girl who feels safer rocking the nudes and neutrals. And yes, the color fuschia can sometimes come off as a bit glaring to the eyes. But not if the design is executed is the most perfect way possible. (Drum roll, please)…And now let’s introduce you to our Prom Pick of the Day – this strapless and oh so femininely divine long dress comprised of sweet head-to-toe lace with side slit detail. The key to wearing this look in all its style glory is to keep your shoes and accessories to a bare minimum, play up your makeup with natural tones and let the dress make you shine. SHOP THE LOOK HERE! Oh it’s a happy Monday, after all!

A Prism of Illusions

fb_1_40314-prom-dresses-camille-la-vie…Okay, so it’s clearly obvious that we’re having an “illusion crush” right now. So much so that we just had to round up some of our top faves and zero in on major sparkle territory – THE BODICES! Aren’t they just exquisite in their own very unique way? We just can’t get enough! Number one and three have that gorgeous sweetheart neckline that was designed to flatter your decolletage perfectly, while 2 and 4 convey that gleaming champagne glimmer that’s so easy on the eyes, and number 5…well, let’s just say it’s super HOT from front to back, AND bottom. No really, you have to get a full view of all these looks in their total chic glory. Which one would you wear?  FIND THEM HERE!

Express Yourself with Pearls!

fb_1_32814-prom-dresses-camille-la-vieThis pearl and lace stunner had us at hello at first glance! I mean…seriously first glance – we were stunned at its pure chicness the moment we laid eyes on it at our photo shoot! With its haute couture vibe and high end shimmer with lace, you’ll be the true style icon at the prom ball! SHOP THE LOOK HERE!

Top Prom Look of the Week

fb_1_32914-prom-dresses-camille-la-vieThere’s just something quite special about purple this season. And if you’ve been following us on Facebook (well, you should because you’re SO missing out if you’re not), you’ll see that PURPLE hues are all the rage right now. And why not? Between the bold and exotic pop of color combined with necesssary bodice sparkles, it’s a captivating choice with a power-packed statement. And this past weekend, all eyes were on this NEW ARRIVAL. Not gonna lie…when this hit our racks for the very first time, we were pretty amazed ourselves. And the little bonus…it has hints of the MUST-HAVE ILLUSION that we undoubtedly love.

SHOP OUR NEWEST LOOKS HERE! And if you haven’t scooped up your prom dress yet, we advise scheduling your shopping sessions at Camille La Vie ASAP. Our stylists are waiting for you!

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