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Eternal Beauty of Illusion

fb_1_41714-prom-dresses-camille-la-vieBy now you probably get the sense that we really adore all things illusion this season. You’re SO RIGHT! We just can’t get enough of this sleek, sultry yet ever so sweet look, especially if you’re looking for a style that beautifully showcases the intricate design of beading while simultaneously exuding hints of skin – highly très chic! And up on today’s prom style radar, we’re focusing in on this heavenly lilac look. The color alone has “HELLO GOREOUS” written all over it…and now combine it with beaded illusion in a curvaceous one-shoulder style and you’re in for prom queen worthy status. The crown surely is yours! We can’t help but love its Grecian goddess-like aura with its waves of ruching – aeshetically pleasing from all angles! SHOP THE LOOK HERE!

So Fresh & SO CLEAN!

fb_1_40914-prom-dresses-camille-la-vieOur eyes jumped with glee at first sight of this sleek and shapely lace gown! Seriously, there are not enough words to capture the beauty and “effervescent freshness” (for lack of better words) of this prom style by yours truly. The traditional phrase certainly holds true when it comes down to looks like these – “LESS IS MORE’”! Although we’ll never deny our true love for sparkle and all things twinkly and pretty…gotta say, the simple and classic all-over lace look has us at hello time and time again. From the perfectly sculpted sweetheart neckline to the curvy silhouette from torso, to hips, to thighs and all, and then ending with an elegant trumpet flare – I mean really, can you think of anything more sweet and enchanting yet sultry at the same time? This lace beauty packs a major fashion statement. It says GORGEOUS on all levels! GET THE LOOK HERE.

When Pretty Fuschia Meets Lovely Lace

fb_1_40714-prom-dresses-camille-la-vieThere is something quite special about lace, especially when paired with the right palette for prom. And while purple seems to be one of the most favored colors of choice at the moment, you can’t overlook the appeal and rich decadence of a beautiful fuschia color. Yes, it’s bold and a bit daring, especially if you’re a girl who feels safer rocking the nudes and neutrals. And yes, the color fuschia can sometimes come off as a bit glaring to the eyes. But not if the design is executed is the most perfect way possible. (Drum roll, please)…And now let’s introduce you to our Prom Pick of the Day – this strapless and oh so femininely divine long dress comprised of sweet head-to-toe lace with side slit detail. The key to wearing this look in all its style glory is to keep your shoes and accessories to a bare minimum, play up your makeup with natural tones and let the dress make you shine. SHOP THE LOOK HERE! Oh it’s a happy Monday, after all!

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