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Get It Guilt Free- BEST Homecoming Deals!

Get It Guilt FreeWe’re down to the wire here girls, and Homecoming 2015 is just around the corner!
What’s that you say? Still no dress?!
Have no fear, Camille is here!


So you’re a last minute shopper, we’ve all got our issues. We say, embrace it, there are worse things you could be- like, without a dress for HOMECOMING for example! But don’t worry, Camille la Vie won’t let that happen to you! Seeing as though you live for the last minute rush, you probably like the rush of a good deal too. Are we right? We thought so. You’re in luck my little last minute beauties, we’ve got an amazing collection of dresses ranging from under $200 to even under $100!

If embellishments and intricate details tickle your style fancy, you’ll love the dresses we have for under 200! We’ve got dresses dripping in sequins, eye-catching necklines, and unique details that will make you a Homecoming icon for sure! If a simpler, yet still fun and fashionable look is what you’re searching for, we’ve got you covered on that too! Check out this two-tone lace shortie with a tulle skirt perfect for twirling and dancing!

The clock’s ticking, find your dream hoco2k15 dress now!

xo, Camille


Smart & Sassy Homecoming Style Guide Hi girls!

Here is your weekly style guide, today we’re focusing on a smart & sassy look for Homecoming! Flashy, loud colors and patterns are definitely fun, but they’re not for everyone. We all have our own unique sense of style and some girls favor a more subtle, classic look; that’s the look we’re going to talk about today! (more…)

Best Look-A-Like Dresses from the 2015 Emmy’s Red Carpet

2015 Emmy Award Looks For Less

It’s award season again, ROLL OUT THE CARPET…ROLL OUT THE TRENDS! The red carpet is where it’s at! The lights, the cameras, the style, the action! Every year around this time we who live and breathe fashion feign for the next award show to swing in to action just so we can sink our teeth into the season’s hottest trends and new twists on old classics. The Emmy’s did not disappoint this year and we’ve put together our own Best Dressed list. With the help of our top picks, you’ll be able to dress up like your favorite celebrity and get some of the best styles for LESS with our look-a-like styles! (more…)

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