Prep for Prom: Top 10 Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

prom-hair-tips-by-camille-la-vieA girl’s hair can be a work of art. However, sometimes that work of art has a mind of its own or takes hours to create. Every girl’s hair is different in its own way, whether it is thick curly hair or thin straight hair. Trying to maintain your hair might seem hard and expensive. However, this list contains the top 10 hair tips that every girl should know. It shows ways to manage frizz, to create perfect and easy hairstyles and give you tips on how to take care of your hair at night so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning. Follow these simple, essential steps ahead of time and you’ll have gleaming, beautiful locks just in time for prom. You’ll also make your gorgeous prom dress stand out even more, not only with shimmering accessories to match, but a new healthy do as the ideal complement!

1. Perfect beachy waves: After washing your hair, add about a dime-size drop of a light mouse, like Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble, and put your hair into a nice big braid. It is best to leave the braid in overnight, but you can also undo it after a few hours. Once the braid is undone you are left with perfect waves with body and volume!

2. Know the purpose of your brush: It is important to know the different types of brushes and what their purpose is. For example, large round brushes are perfect for straightening while small round brushes are great for adding curls.

3. Swap a towel for a t-shirt: To help get rid of frizzy hair, stop drying your hair with a towel and switch to a t-shirt. Towel drying can causes split ends and breakage. However, the smoothness of a t-shirt will cause less friction when drying which leads to fewer frizzes.

4. Start in the middle when curling: Ever have problems with your curls not lasting long? Instead of curling your hair at the ends, start at the middle because it will help you hair stay wavy a lot longer.

5. Use cool air to get that hairstyle to stay: It is common to just rely on warm air when styling your hair. However, if you want your hairstyle to last, switch between using warm and cold air. This will help lock your hairstyle in all day long.

6. Move bangs away: Are you growing out your bangs but tired of them getting in the way? Just simply French braid your bangs to the side to easily get them out of the way.

7. Dry Shampoo is a must: Every girl should have a bottle of dry shampoo on hand because it will save so much time when getting ready. After showering at night, divide your hair into two loose buns with a scrunchie. In the morning remove the buns and comb out your hair. They apply the dry shampoo like Dove Refresh and Care to the roots, wait a few minutes and then comb out your hair and you are ready to go.

8. Turn bobby pins into a fashionable accessory: If you are usually pulling back your hair with bobby pins, choose pins that contrast with your hair color. Then use those pins to make a triangle in the back. This will give you an instant hair accessory.

9. Boost up your roots: Do you have thin straight hair and looking to give it some volume? Just flip your hair upside down and blow dry from the roots while wet.

10. Use a flat iron to curl: Don’t own a curling iron or don’t have the time to use it? Well if you have a flat iron, just simply separate you hair into about 6 braids (depending on how thick your hair is) and then heat the braids with a flat iron. Once you undo the braids, you should have nice curly hair.



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Prep for Prom: 10 Tips to Get Super Fit

prom-tips-to-get-fit-by-camille-la-vieProm is near so it’s time to put down that bag of chips and hit the gym! If you want to look your best in your fabulous prom dress, it’s important to start developing a healthy lifestyle now. Not only will it make you look great for prom but will also help you stick to a healthy routine in the future. Getting started and staying motivated to workout and eat right everyday can be hard, especially if this is something you don’t normally do. But don’t worry; here are the top 10 tips to get you fit and healthy for prom!

1. Switch it up! At first you might notice that doing the same exercise daily is showing results but after a few months or even weeks your body will get used to that exercise – what they call “hitting that plateau”. That’s why it’s important to change up your routine daily to get the best and fastest results. If you alter your workout schedule, your body is always being challenged and you will burn more calories. For example, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays focus on your legs and do the treadmill, elliptical, stationery bike etc. and on the other days focus on arms and lift weights.

2. Sleep more: I know you might like staying up late but sleep is extremely important if you want to live a healthier lifestyle. The average person needs about 8 hours a day of sleep so make sure you adjust your habits so you are getting this amount daily. Sleep is especially important when you add daily workouts to your routine. It gives the body and muscles the time they need to recover and heal to be ready for the next day.

3. A little goes a long way: If you generally eat unhealthy but ready to make a change to your diet, don’t dive in too fast! It might be hard to completely cut out all unhealthy foods at once. So start off by saying you wont drink soda for one week and then next week cut out soda and chips and so on. You will be eating better in no time!

4. Satisfy those sugary cravings! The next time you have a bad craving for something sweet, stay away from the candy and chocolate. Instead choose a healthy fat food such as avocado, nut butter like almond butter or coconut butter. These kinds of food are filled with natural sugars that will satisfy your cravings and leave you full longer.

5. Grab a buddy! A workout buddy is extremely helpful for staying motivated. Find a friend who loves to workout or is looking to start an exercise regimen together. You will both be able to motivate the other on lazy days and will push each other to work harder.

6. Monitor your eating habits: In general there is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people might cut out one of the three and eat two big meals. But this is a bad habit! You are actually supposed to eat small portion meals throughout the day, roughly about every three hours.

7. Flavor it up! Sticking to a healthy diet can be hard, especially when you’re eating a lot of the same foods. Stock up on plenty of fresh herbs and spices to add while cooking to switch up the flavors.

8. Chart your progress: To stay motivated, keep a log of what you have been doing and sets goals for the week to accomplish. Seeing your progress overtime will encourage you to continue with your health lifestyle. Tracking your progress is a lot easier with great apps like My Fitness Pal and Argus, and products like Nike+ watch.

9. Start slowly: Especially if you are just starting to work out or took a long break it is important not to overdo it. Your body and muscles will need time to adjust to this change. Start off by maybe walking a half hour a day and slowly increase to 40 minutes and so on. After a few weeks your muscles will be stronger and you can start increasing your routine.

10. Make it fun! It’s important to make sure you enjoy working out; otherwise you will feel incredibly unmotivated and inconsistent. If you are the type of person who hates running on a treadmill then try signing up for a sports team like soccer or a class at the gym like Zumba, Yoga or Pilates. You will still get your workout in but you also have a good time doing it!


Prep for Prom: Six Steps to Glowing Skin

Prom beauty and skin tips You might be wondering how you are going to get your skin to look perfect for prom. Don’t stress out! Getting your skin to look clean and glowing is actually a lot easier and cheaper than you think. Don’t go crazy trying to buy all of these products at top dollar to help cleanse your skin. By following these six simple steps you can have the glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of in no time! And with prom night getting close, you’ll surely achieve those goals if you get started now.

1. Start with Steam. The steam from taking a hot shower can help open your pores so you can get all of the gunk out of your skin and let the good stuff in.

2. Drink up! Water is definitely your friend if you want beautiful glowing skin. Even just the slightest dehydration can cause your skin to look dull. Water can help give your skin a natural glow and helps eliminate the puffiness underneath your eyes. So make sure you drink lots of water weeks before prom so your skin is perfect for the big day.

3. Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep: Lack of sleep can be extremely detrimental for your skin. It can leave behind dark circles and bags, which is definitely not what you want on prom night. While you sleep, your skin is being restored and renewed from the day’s wear and tear. It can help improve the texture of you skin and give it that supple, gorgeous glow. Make sure you develop an appropriate sleeping schedule (at least 8 hours of sleep a night) before prom.

4. Green Tea: Drinking a cup of tea every night a couple of weeks before prom is a cheap and easy way to get glowing skin. The antioxidants in green tea help to flush out toxins and keep your body hydrated.

5. Don’t forget to exfoliate! Make sure you exfoliate once or twice a week for a couple of weeks before prom. Your body is shedding skin cells all the time so it is important to get rid of dead skin or else it will end up looking dull and dry. Use products like Clean & Clear Advantage 3-1 Exfoliating cleanser for your face and Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash to help give your skin a glowing look.

6. Give Your Skin Oxygen: Spend some time every day doing some exercises to help improve your skin. The increased oxygen supply to your blood stream during exercise helps improve your complexion and gives you an instant glow.

So dish the thought of having to buy high-end, expensive skin products to get that glow. All it takes is some natural healing and detoxifying methods in a set routine and a couple trusty skincare items at a fraction of the cost of those luxury brands and you’re good to go!



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