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Dress Styles to Fit All Body Types!


Preparing for your prom night can be a daunting task, especially when you’re not yet sure about the type of look you want to capture. But rest assured ladies! By giving yourself ample time for all the planning and prep work needed for the perfect prom look, you’ll surely stand out from the crowd at your party. And January is the ideal time to get your complete checklist, beauty/fitness to-dos and most importantly, prom dress shopping dates in order! Before you know it, time is just going to fly by and you’ll soon find yourself days away from one of the most important moments of your life. There’s a lot to consider now. But let’s zero in on one area that for many ladies, can be the most important of them all: Finding the Right Prom Dress. With all the fashion posts and articles about what’s trending for 2014, you can be swayed into thinking that there’s only a handful of fashion styles deemed acceptable for the upcoming season. And although there’s nothing wrong with wearing a cute and trendy piece, you should see if it’s the right fit for your personal style, taste and importantly, body type. The right dress can certainly highlight and accentuate the best features of your shape. So here we’ve created a helpful guide towards finding the most flattering and complementing dress tailored especially for you:

First off, it’s important to take some time to determine your body type (that is, if you haven’t done so already). Here’s a great article to find out in 5 easy ways.

Pear shaped. Dresses with bottom portions that are more free-flowing will camouflage your lower body, especially if you want to give more attention by highlighting your slender torso. A-line prom dresses and long evening gowns with an empire waist that follows down into a dramatically flowing skirt are perfect options! For the neckline, opt for a look that showcases your shoulders and arms, like a strapless dress or halter. Here’s some great looks that work well with this body type, Chiffon Beaded Plunge Dress and Two-Tone Dress with Beaded Bodice.

Large bust. The ideal dress for those with a large bust should include a bodice with added support. The best fashion looks for this body type include dresses with wide shoulder straps to support your bra, while masking undergarments. One-shoulder prom dresses are another great option, especially when combined with the right one-shoulder bra (here). Avoid dresses with spaghetti thin straps and anything with very high necklines, which will give the illusion of an even larger bust. Try a look with an A-line or flowing high-low dress silhouette that keeps your torso looking smaller, while giving more attention to the dramatic bottom portion. Check out these looks, Chiffon One-Shoulder Beaded Dress and  Grecian High-Low Dress.

Thin. Although considered one of the most enviable body types, this shape is considered to be one of the most challenging, especially when the goal is to augment or give the illusion of more curves. To start, it’s important to give most attention to the most narrow area of your body: the waistline. Then, find a look that has more volume to the areas above or below your waist. A two-piece prom dress with full skirt, as well as dresses with mermaid or trumpet skirt shapes are great choices as they will give you a curvier figure. Try these top trends that work wonders on a thin body frame, Venetian Lace Two-Piece DressLace Trumpet Dress and Two-Piece Illusion Dress.

Petite. Petite girls are in luck when it comes to finding an amazing prom dress. Thankfully, with the blessed style creation known as the platform stiletto heel, shorter ladies can add more height to their frame. The best option will be to go for a long, floor-sweeping dress with platform heels (making sure that the dress covers the entire shoe). This way, you can increase your height to 4, 5 or even 6 inches, depending how daring you are. But if want something a little more creative at the hemline, the high-low dress gives a lovely illusion of being longer at the back, while showing some classy legwork at the front. Take a peek at these great style options, Chiffon and Lace Strapless Dress, Grecian Strapless Dress and Strapless High-Low Dress.

Apple shaped. Opt for prom dress styles to draw attention away from your mid-section and highlight other toned areas of your frame like your shoulders, arms and legs. Those with this body shape will look gorgeous with a body-doll style dress both long and short. The key is to keep the mid-section free-flowing without constricting these area with tightly-fitted look. Some great styles to consider include, Strapless Long Dress With Beaded Empire Waist, Mesh One-Shoulder Dress and Strapless Beaded Short Dress.

Hour-glass shaped. Although considered another great body type, finding the right dress may also seem a bit tricky as some looks could make you look heavier than you actually are. Depending on the material and overall fit, a tightly-fitted dress from head-to-toe can sometimes look distasteful and unflattering. But with the fabric and elegant silhouette, your blessed curves will surely be showcased in the most lovely light. Opt for body-skimming with trumpet skirts and those with a lean, slinky looks like these, Long Sequin V-neck Dress, Tulle and Lace Dress with Trumpet Skirt and Illusion Halter Dress. 

And if these suggested looks aren’t your style cup of tea, there are MANY, MANY other styles that fit beautifully for your body type. Check out all the latest looks in the Prom Dresses 2014 Collection.

Best wishes and happy shopping, lovelies!

XO, Camille

Prepare Your Pretty Nails for Prom in 8 Quick Steps!


With everything that goes into getting ready for prom like picking out a dress, finding the perfect hairstyle and even choosing your dream prom date sometimes the smaller details like your nails can be neglected! Having freshly manicured nails is a must for prom; it’s the only way to have a fully polished look from head to toe!  If you have forgotten about this little detail don’t worry girls, we’re about to unveil how to get a professional looking manicure in just 8 quick and easy steps that will have you off to prom in no time… just don’t forget about those toes! Let’s start:

Step 1:  Start by removing any old nail polish and wash your hands with hot water and soap to ensure the old polish is a thing of the past. We recommend using a good nail scrubbing brush to get all areas around and under the nail perfectly clean! You can find these at any local drugstore; we really like the Harmon Face Value Nail Brush!

Step 2:  To have clean looking nails, pushing back the over grown cuticle is very necessary. This step can be optional depending on how long ago you have gotten a professional manicure. To do this just use a cuticle pusher, it should be really easy to move the cuticle away from the nail because the hot water from step 1 should have softened the skin.

Step 3:  File those nails! Decide on what shape you would like to create whether it be a round, square, or pointed tip, then use a glass nail file to start shaping all ten nails. Using glass or crystal files are much better for your nails and we LOVE them! When you file also try to keep the lengths consistent so none of your nails are longer/shorter then the others. You want to achieve a nice tailored look especially for Prom!

Step 4:  Once you get your nails filed, now it’s time for a base coat. Our favorite is called “Fast Girls” it’s quick dry base coat by Deborah Lippmann it goes on super smooth creating the ideal base coat and dries in seconds!

Step 5:   Ready for the fun part?! Choose a color that goes with your prom dress and let’s start painting! For best results, make one smooth stroke down the center of the nail and then do the same on each side. This leaves you with a nice and evenly polished nail and the paint won’t be too thick. If you have a steady hand the polish should only get on your nail but, if you happen to hit the skin we have a clean up solution for you!

Step 6:  This step is easy; just add a second layer of color just like you did in step 5. Two coats of nail polish are usually what’s recommended however, if you’re using a light color you can apply a third thin layer for complete coverage.

Step 7:  Once the color has dried, apply a strong and glossy topcoat to each nail. This will make your color last longer without any chipping! We adore Essie’s “No Chips Ahead” topcoat for all of our manicures!

Step 8:  After your nails are fully dried, you can now start the clean up we told you about earlier! All you’ll need is a teeny tiny paintbrush and a bottle of nail polish remover. Dip the small brush into the nail polish remover bottle and swipe all around each nail to take any excess polish off of your fingers without ruining your fresh paint… and it’s that simple!


Complete these 8 quick steps and you will have a salon-approved manicure that is worthy enough to debut at Prom!


Xo, Camille

6 Steps to the Perfect Smoky Eyes


There are tons of makeup secrets, tips, and tricks out there but for prom, there are three little beauty words that stand out the most: The Smoky Eye! Prom-goers all want to know how to create the most perfect smoky eye, especially if you’ll be doing your own makeup! Follow these really simple steps and with a bit of practice you’ll definitely have this sultry makeup trend down by Prom!!

Step 1: Blend, Blend, and Blend! This type of eye shadow technique is all about blending and mixing different colors together to achieve a beautiful multi-toned lid, so don’t be afraid of using multiple colors. This first step just requires you to take a lightly-colored neutral eye shadow and swipe it all over the lid from lashes to brow for an even base. Try these great neutral hues: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, $27

Step 2: Highlight. Right over that initial layer of shadow apply a shimmering (not sparkling) soft bone color shadow right underneath the eyebrow and also in the corner tear duct area. This step just simply highlights and brings light to the eyes, keeping them the focal point of your pretty face! Try this shadow: Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Bone, $21

Step 3: Here Comes Color! For this smoky eye we have chosen lavender and purple shades to play with. (You can choose any colors you’d like, just have a light, medium, and dark version of the shadow color).  For this step, all you have to do is take the lightest shade, lavender, and apply it close to the lash line and blend upward towards the brow bone with a larger and more fluffy eye shadow brush. Create a range of multi-hued smoky eyes with this useful palette: Sephora Collection Color Anthology Eyeshadow Palette, $35

Step 4: Lash Line Focus. Here’s where you need a smaller stronger brush to apply a darker plum shadow along the lash line to really make your eyes pop. Start with a smaller line along the lashes that you gradually blend into the outer corner of your eye. From there, blend the plum shadow into the crease of the lower and upper lids. Just make sure everything is blended smoothly together so your shadow doesn’t look too harsh, one way of doing this is to apply the darker shadow in small circular motions! Try this awesome brush: Smashbox Double-ended Smudger Brush #20, $24

Step 5: Liner. Use any black or dark brown eyeliner for this simple step. In small dash motions apply a thin (or thick depending on how adventurous you are) line of eyeliner along the lashes to bring the drama to the eyes, which is what this beautiful makeup look is all about! Start from the outer corner and work your way in creating a smooth even line. Try: NYX Cosmetics Super Skinny Eye Marker, $9

Step 6: Mascara Time! This is it, the last step; see we told you this smoky eye thing would be easy! To complete this look, lightly curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and generously apply two coats of black mascara to your upper and lower lashes. This finishes your smoky eye perfectly. Repeat each step on your other eye and you’ll be 100% ready for Prom! Try this top-rated mascara: Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Cat Eyes, $7

Check out our makeup blog often for new fresh makeup tips and tricks for Prom!

Top Tips for 3 Main Hair Types

tips-to-get-healthy-hair-for-prom-camille-la-vieEveryone knows that Prom is all about the dress and being sure to have the hottest style that makes you feel glamorous for the day, but let’s face it your hair is a very close second to pulling that right-of-the-runway look together…Right?! That’s why we want to teach you all about your hair, from the texture, to the products needed, to heat of it all; How should your prep your precious locks for prom?!

Lets break it down… Ready?

So, there are 3 Main Types of Hair based on your origins, Pick yours:


1. African / Caribbean Hair – This type of hair is very distinct and has characteristics of its own, like being very tightly curled and often very dark in color. While this type of hair is extremely beautiful when treated right, there is a big opportunity for breakage and can be easily damaged by harsh chemicals! Don’t you worry one bit though, we are gong to tell you exactly how to prep your hair and style it to get the best and healthiest look possible for your prom!

asian hair types

2.  Asian Hair – The Asian hair types are so stunning, but it too has its own tendencies that might make it a bit tricky to style for prom. On the plus side, this type of hair is usually very soft and silky, it’s also commonly seen in a very dark to medium brown hair color. What makes it different from other textures of hair is that it is very thick, strong, and most times extremely straight which could pose a problem if your trying to get a curled style for your prom night. The hot tools and products you use will be crucial to keeping that voluminous bounce going all night long!



tips for caucasian hair

  1. Caucasian / European Hair – This hair type is, well we’ll just say it… all over the place! The origins of this hair are declared from all around the world leaving you with tons of colors and textures to claim. To keep it simple, this hair can be anywhere from very curly to very straight and anything in-between, and the same goes for the color, you can have very dark brown to very light blonde hues in this category. Once you pick your color and style, you must decide on the texture, this is a choice of: fine, medium, or coarse. We will go into how to style all three types of hair and textures for that picture-perfect prom hairstyle that you’ve been dreaming of!

Now that you know which hair type you have, Let’s talk products:


  1. First rule of thumb to having happy healthy hair for any type is to NOT wash your hair with harsh shampoos every day!! This is the root to all things damaging because it strips your hair of its natural oils (which you need) leaving you with dry, brittle hair… This is never good ladies!
    1. Solution: try washing your hair at least every two days and purchase all natural shampoos without the harmful chemicals! We suggest you get your hair into a new washing routine now before Prom.


Back to the hair types…

  1. African / Caribbean hair care products:
    1. Wen Cleansing Conditioner – We know we just said to not wash your hair often and we’re serious really, but when you do clean your pretty little curls wash your hair with Wen! This cleansing conditioner cleans you hair of its impurities while also giving your hair a surge of moisture to drink in! 1_wen-cleansing-conditioner
    2. Wild Growth Hair Oil – The fragile nature of your hair needs extra moisture to grow long and luscious so we suggest this oil to massage into your roots, it will protect your hair, leave it super smooth, and frizz free!! We deem this the holy grail of hair care for this type of textured hair, use it often a few months until prom to achieve the long beautiful tendrils your looking for! wild growth hair oil
    3. Paul Mitchell Smooth Iron – Really, for all hair types a good flatting iron or straightener is a Must but this top of the line smoothing iron is what you need to go from small wild curls to a straight and sleek style for prom! Once you get the technique down, this iron can also make pretty amazing curls… two in one? Now that what were talking about! May11ExpressIonSmooth
  1. Asian hair care products:
    1. Joico Daily Shampoo- This salon-approved shampoo is perfect for your thick hair because a little goes a long way. It leaves your long locks nice and shiny and ready for any prom inspired do.
    2. Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play- This hairspray is truly magic in a bottle when trying to get your straight or slightly wavy hair to hold a curl for the whole entire prom night! After applying heat, whether from a curling iron or straightener, spray a generous amount of this sexy potion all over your finished style for a strong hold yet beautiful finish. TIP: purchase a small bottle too to take along in your Prom Survival Kit to ensure a long lasting curl! sexy-hair-big-sexy-hair-spray-play-volumizing-hairspray
    3. TIStudio Styling Wand from Remington- To get the stunning curls you’ve always wanted for prom you must choose the best curling iron or in this case wand! A wand is a bit different from a curling iron because it does not have a clamp. Here is where practice makes perfect girls, and you will definitely need some to get this look down before prom! This wand gets to 410 degrees and works wonders for any hair type, just be sure to use the heat proof glove when styling!


  1. Caucasian / European hair care products:
    1. Frizz Ease Secret Weapon- Secret weapon huh? Yes, girls this finishing cream is that good! This stuff can smooth any type of frizz for a flawless styled finish that you’ll love, it’s like coming right out of the salon! If you will be doing your own hair for prom we highly suggest investing in this outstanding touch-up crème. fe-secret-weapon-flawless-finishing-creme
    2. Moroccan Oil- Apply this oil to your wet hair every time you wash it and get ready to be amazed with your results! Especially if you are one of the girls with coarse or curly hair, you need a little help in the moisture department so this product is the best. Use this oil for a couple of weeks before prom and voilà perfect hair!
    3. DRYBAR Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse- Transform your fine lightweight hair into a voluminous display of style when you use this fabulous mousse! This feather light formula gives your hair so much body without a crunchy feel, making it the perfect choice when you’re styling your hair for prom. On top of giving you big sexy hair, it also protects against heat and reduces any unwanted frizz; now that’s a double win for hair right there!


Stay tuned for more inspirational prom hairstyles and how-to’s coming soon!


Xo, Camille


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