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Our Top Holiday Clutch Essentials

Holiday ClutchesBetween your school’s annual winter wonderland dance, family dinner at your Aunt Linda’s, and-oh yeah!-your bestie’s New Year’s Eve bash, the holiday season is go go go time.  And whether you have multiple parties or just one on your calendar, you want to look haute all night…and we’re not just talking about your sleek holiday dress.  Sometimes a gal needs to get by with a little help from her beauty products.  Keep scrolling for the essentials to pack in your holiday clutch.  Then, prepare to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.


Your Entire Homecoming Look is Right Here

Homecoming Dresses with AccessoriesNow that we’ve entered August, we can practically smell the new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils.  But before we focus on books and schedules, let’s put our efforts into something a bit more fun; homecoming!  Whether you love to come in prepared or simply want to scope out your options, we’ve rounded up 5 homecoming dresses with too-chic accessories.  The final touch?  A swipe of nail color.  Scroll below to score your entire ensemble.


Match Your Summer Party Dress with Our Mani Pedi Combos

Purple Manicure with FlowersHere’s the thing about mani pedis: the polish color doesn’t have to match.  We know it kind of goes without saying; after all, there’s tons of trendy nail art going around these days.  But why not meet somewhere in the middle of a crazy design and a matchy-matchy mani pedi?  Our chic summer solution: two shades of polish in slightly different colors.  Better yet, we pulled a few of our fave party dresses of the season and the nail colors inspo to match.  Graduation parties, weddings, vacations; wherever you’re headed, get ready to nail your look.


Chill Out with Our Summer Self Care Tips

Summer Self Care TipsAhh, summer.  It may disguise itself as the season of self-care, what with all the vacays, mani pedi appointments, and leisurely lounges, but a calendar flooded with activities can also be…overwhelming.  Therefore, it’s important to make self-care a priority, starting from the place you wake up…your bedroom!  Add these easy tips to your routine for a stress-free summer, so you can get out the door feeling amazing…and with plenty of energy to boot.


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