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Chill Out with Our Summer Self Care Tips

Summer Self Care TipsAhh, summer.  It may disguise itself as the season of self-care, what with all the vacays, mani pedi appointments, and leisurely lounges, but a calendar flooded with activities can also be…overwhelming.  Therefore, it’s important to make self-care a priority, starting from the place you wake up…your bedroom!  Add these easy tips to your routine for a stress-free summer, so you can get out the door feeling amazing…and with plenty of energy to boot.


Our Top Prom Clutch Essentials

Prom Clutch EssentialsWhile you’re busy scoping out trends and shopping for the perfect prom dress, you’re probably not thinking of the little details, like what exactly to bring with you the day of.  And let’s face it: accidents happen, whether it’s a tiny stain on your dress or a curl that comes loose from your updo.  But have no fear girlies; as always, we’ve got you covered!  Scroll below for our prom clutch essentials you’ll want to swipe, blot, and spritz all night.


Valentine’s Day Ideas Whether You’re Single or Coupled Up

Valentine's Day PlansCue the groans (or the cheers); it’s Valentine’s Day!  Whatever your stance on the holiday, it’s a day to honor love, and that alone is worth celebrating.  While the day historically seems to honor couples, more recently it evolved to friends (hellooo Galentine’s Day!) parents, and even pets.  No plans yet?  Scroll below for our celebration ideas whether you’re single, coupled up, or seeking a night with your girlfriends.  Not a candlelit dinner in sight!


Your Holiday Hair Inspiration is Right Here

Holiday HairstyleYour clutch is packed, presents are poised, and your holiday dress is hanging patiently in the closet, but your hair?  That’s a separate issue.  While you could always go for the classic curls or straightened strands for this year’s party, it might be fun to experiment.  Venture away from your tried-and-true style with an easy update like a glam high bun or deep side part.

Ready to try a new ‘do?  Whether you’re headed to a restaurant feast, NYE party, or annual gathering at Aunt Linda’s house, cap off your party dress with a super sleek hairstyle.  Scroll below to get ultra-inspired.


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