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Hairstyles Trending for Prom 2016

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Of course we’ve always got you covered in the dress department, but guess who’s got your back with hair too? That’s right, us! In this week’s Prom trend report we give you all the deets on the hairstyles that are trending for Prom 2016! (more…)

Your Complete Personal Prom Checklist!

Personal Prom Checklist

And we’re back with more PROM 2K16 updates! In recent posts, we’ve talked a lot about how to prep for Prom as a whole. We’ve talked about joining your school’s committee and how to assign important planning tasks to each member of the committee. (more…)

The Best Hues for the Holidays!

Holiday Nails

Styling your look perfectly comes down to the details. The right or wrong nail color can make or break your whole look. This holiday party season, be sure to stick with our top picks from Essie’s Fall/Winter collection and you’ll be golden! Match any of these 6 splashes of color with one of our holiday dresses for a glam slam ensemble! (more…)

Best Gifts For Your Bestie – Under $50!

Holiday Gift Guide

Gift giving is always tricky with friends. While we may know their tastes pretty well, we don’t always have the extra funds around the holidays to buy all of our friends gifts, but it’s always nice to make the effort with a small thoughtful gesture. It’s the thought that counts after all! And believe it or not, there are actually plenty of chic gifts to be had on a budget! Here’s our picks for best bestie gifts under $50! (more…)

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