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The Best Fall Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Bridesmaid BouquetBrides, narrowing down a color palette for your wedding can seem overwhelming.  As fall continually competes with summer as a top wedding season, color palette ideas may also shift depending on the date of your nuptials. Color also plays a major role for bridesmaid dresses.  Step aside, summer brights; autumn is a time for warm shades that complement the crisp air and scenic foliage.  Set the tone for a picture-perfect wedding day with rich hues in a classic empire silhouette for your girls.  Check out our favorite bridesmaid dresses for fall, all from the Camille La Vie collection, that will have your ‘maids standing chicly by your side from morning ‘til night.


Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses by Venue

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses by VenueYou’ve been scoping out venues, contemplating vendors, and your adrenaline has only skyrocketed since the engagement; congrats!  You’re a #feyonce.  Now the first order of business: where to get married?  From scenic vineyards to blooming gardens to slick black tie affairs in the heart of the city, wedding locales are more unique than ever.  And almost (if not equally) as important as nailing down the perfect venue is nailing down flawless style to complement it.  Well, we took the guesswork out of that.  Scroll below for 5 types of weddings and the bridal style inspiration for each, straight from the Camille La Vie collection.


Bridesmaid Dresses by Camille La Vie

The Camille La Vie Bridesmaid Dress CollectionPopular opinion: dressing a bridal party is no easy feat.  With an array of shapes, sizes, and skin tones-not to mention opinions-choosing ensembles for a group of women can prove to be a serious challenge.  And on top of all other wedding planning, coming up with a look that pleases everyone can make eloping far, far, away seem very enticing.  Fortunately for bride-to-be’s, there’s plenty of options for making your best girls shine-beginning with the Camille La Vie bridesmaid dress collection!


The Newest Color in Our 2018 Bridesmaid Dress Collection

Sage Bridesmaid Dresses by Camille La VieChoosing a color palette for your wedding can be daunting task.  Do you go with your all-time favorite shades?  Something seasonal?  Should you factor in the location?  Whether you incorporate the color scheme into your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, or other décor, it’s crucial to choose a look that aligns with your vision (after all, you will be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life!).  But once you do make a decision, everything else seems to fall into place.


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