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Bridesmaid Dresses by Camille La Vie

The Camille La Vie Bridesmaid Dress CollectionPopular opinion: dressing a bridal party is no easy feat.  With an array of shapes, sizes, and skin tones-not to mention opinions-choosing ensembles for a group of women can prove to be a serious challenge.  And on top of all other wedding planning, coming up with a look that pleases everyone can make eloping far, far, away seem very enticing.  Fortunately for bride-to-be’s, there’s plenty of options for making your best girls shine-beginning with the Camille La Vie bridesmaid dress collection!


The Newest Color in Our 2018 Bridesmaid Dress Collection

Sage Bridesmaid Dresses by Camille La VieChoosing a color palette for your wedding can be daunting task.  Do you go with your all-time favorite shades?  Something seasonal?  Should you factor in the location?  Whether you incorporate the color scheme into your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, or other décor, it’s crucial to choose a look that aligns with your vision (after all, you will be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life!).  But once you do make a decision, everything else seems to fall into place.


Bridesmaid Dress Picks From Camille La Vie’s Marketing Girls

Top Bridesmaid Dress Picks from Real Bride-to-Be'sPopular opinion: dressing a bridal party is no easy feat.  A group of females with varying heights, body types, and opinions…need we say more?  These days, more and more brides are giving their ladies a say in bridal party attire…but leaving the options too open can venture into some shaky style territory.  Where to draw the line while still allowing your ‘maids some leeway?


Attention Bridesmaids: You’ll Want to Read These Do’s and Don’ts

Bridesmaid Do's and Don'ts

Weddings can be chaotic.  Between timing, locations, money, emotions, people and many unsolicited opinions, the entire event is nothing short of a whirlwind.  And that’s just the wedding day!  Whether you’re a first time bridesmaid or a seasoned bridal party member, the entire process can feel overwhelming.  Not to mention, navigating a group of girls you may hardly know is tough.  So what’s the proper protocall as the bride’s lady-in-waiting?  We’ve rounded up some major do’s and don’ts to follow for your role as a bridesmaid.


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