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Crushin’ on These Valentine’s Day Dresses

Valentine's Day DressIt’s no secret that Valentine’s Day can bring on a mix of emotions.  Single?  Groan.  Coupled up?  My date better take me somewhere fab.  The pressure for a perfect night seems to take over the fact that it’s a day to honor all kinds of love; for parents, friends, sibs, pets, and of course, your bae.


80’s Inspired Evening Dresses

80's DressesShining satin.  Voluminous tiered skirts.  Skin-bearing off the shoulder necklines.  When it comes to embracing 80’s fashion, it’s go big or go home.  And we know these trends are nothing new; after all, 80’s-inspired style has been everywhere lately, and it’s transcended from streetwear all the way to evening dresses.  The question is; are you ready to go big?


Fall I Do’s = These Pretty Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding Guest DressesRing, ring!  Did you hear that?  It’s the sound of fall wedding season calling….and you’re going to need a wedding guest dress ASAP. Panicked?  Nah.  We’ve rounded up some of our latest styles to land in the guest of wedding collection, and they are simply stunning, if we do say so ourselves.  Not that you want to outshine the bride, but these gorgeous dresses will surely get noticed on the dance floor…and everywhere else!  We broke them down into 3 fun trends, below.


Graduation Dresses Based on Your School Persona

Graduation Dresses by Camille La VieWith prom season slowly wrapping up, graduation is fast approaching (woo hoo!).  After months of preparing for a magical prom night, it’s time to transition from sparkling gowns to new fashion that resembles a fresh start.  And does anything say “you’ve earned it” like wearing a pearly white graduation dress while receiving that diploma?  We’ll answer that: nope!  As your prom dress can reveal bits of your personality, so can your graduation dress!  That’s why we’ve chosen 6 styles based on different school personalities.  So whether you’re the funny gal or more of a jock, we’ve chosen our own style superlatives based on your persona.  Your final test?  Rocking any of these gorgeous graduation looks.


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