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Wedding Guest Dresses $150 and Under

Wedding Guest Dresses $150 and UnderYou’re already armed with 3 hot trends to try for wedding season and the confidence tips to own the room, but what happens if you’re ::shudder::…on a budget?  Yeah, that changes everything.  So once that invite lands and you’ve got nothing to wear, what’s a gal with a passion for fashion to do?  Answer: shop our $150 and under wedding guest dresses.  We’ve got a ton, but pulled a few of our faves that are just perfect for Fall I do’s.


Fall I Do’s = These Pretty Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding Guest DressesRing, ring!  Did you hear that?  It’s the sound of fall wedding season calling….and you’re going to need a wedding guest dress ASAP. Panicked?  Nah.  We’ve rounded up some of our latest styles to land in the guest of wedding collection, and they are simply stunning, if we do say so ourselves.  Not that you want to outshine the bride, but these gorgeous dresses will surely get noticed on the dance floor…and everywhere else!  We broke them down into 3 fun trends, below.


Evening Dresses that Highlight Your Favorite Feature

Evening Dresses for Your Favorite FeaturesOften, we dress to conceal a feature that we’re not so crazy about.  Your thighs.  Your hips.  Your tummy.  Today, we’re here to challenge that idea: instead, why not choose a style that highlights your favorite body part?  Maybe it’s your toned back or shapely legs.  No matter which dress you choose, the point is we’re celebrating what you love, not hiding what you don’t.  Scroll below for the party dresses we chose, depending on what you’re showin’ off for your next formal event.


Wedding Guest Dresses by Dress Code

Wedding Guest DressesPlaces to go and people to see is basically spring’s unofficial mantra. Add wedding season into the mix and you’ll be going and seeing even more than you planned. And whether it’s your cousin’s coastal Cali I do’s or a family friend’s ballroom affair, the question of “what do I wear?” has likely entered your mind with each invite…perhaps with some panic. After all, what exactly does “dressy casual” mean…and white tie? Is that a thing? (Yes, yes it is.) We broke down 5 popular wedding guest dress codes and the party dresses to wear for each. Panic mode: off.


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