Get ‘Em Before They’re Gone: Prom Dresses

Last Minute Prom Dresses

Here today, gone tomorrow…no we’re not talking about Starbucks’ magical unicorn frappuccino, but these show-stopping prom dresses!  Whether you’ve struggled to find a style you love or just happen to be a last minute lady (hey, it happens to the best of us!) these breathtaking looks are guaranteed to make you shine on prom night.  Florals, embroidery, sheer, two piece…we’ve got it all right here, dolls.  Meet you at the end of the rainbow…unicorn frapp in hand!

Last Minute Prom Dresses Camille La Vie

Green Prom Dresses

Pink and Ivory Prom Dresses

Camille La Vie Prom Dresses

Black Prom Dresses

Find all of these prom dresses plus more at, or take a peek at a few of our faves:

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