Holiday Dresses Under $100

Holiday Dress Under $100Raise your hand if your to-do list at the ‘mo includes endless shopping, present swapping, cookie baking, decorating, and- dah dah dah dah! -the actual holidays themselves.  (Um, can we raise our fingers and toes, too?)  This time of year can be stressful and super-busy, making it easy to overlook what it’s really all about.  While the meaning of it all points to friends and fam, the drain on your time and wallet can make a merry and bright season well, merry and not-so-bright.


Hot for the Holidays: Glitter Dresses

Glitter Party DressesFact: the holidays are all about sparkle.  Everywhere you look, something is glistening; pretty snow falling, twinkly lights in the windows, sparkling apple cider.  Why not join the gleam team with a dress that’s as luminous as the décor?  If you’re on the hunt for a new number this season (or just happen to like shiny things), we challenge you to go bold: with glitter.  For all the glam girls looking to give this trend a whirl, we’ve got a few faves lined up that are sure to bring the cheer.


Beauty Essentials for Your Holiday Clutch

Holiday Clutch EssentialsPlaces to go and tons of people to see; the holidays are nothing short of crazy!  The season of endless festivities calls for you to trade in your giant tote for a cute clutch.  But less space = less items to carry.  How to narrow down your essentials into a teeny-tiny handbag?  Girl, we’ve got you covered.  We made the list-don’t bother checking it twice-of holiday clutches and the must-have goodies to go inside.  Scoop them all up-or just snag a few-and prepare to deck the halls in gorgeous style.


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