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Chill Out with Our Summer Self Care Tips

Summer Self Care TipsAhh, summer.  It may disguise itself as the season of self-care, what with all the vacays, mani pedi appointments, and leisurely lounges, but a calendar flooded with activities can also be…overwhelming.  Therefore, it’s important to make self-care a priority, starting from the place you wake up…your bedroom!  Add these easy tips to your routine for a stress-free summer, so you can get out the door feeling amazing…and with plenty of energy to boot.


Need a Summer Party Dress? Shop Our Editors’ Picks

Short Dresses by Camille La VieAs far as fashion, you probably know exactly what looks good on you.  When shopping dresses for a formal event, maybe you gravitate towards thigh high slits that showcase your legs or a racer cut neckline that flatters your shoulders.  But once in a while, it helps to have some outside input.  And if you’ve been shopping around for a dress for ::insert event here::, all the better.  We picked 5 adorable styles you’ll be wearing for many occasions to come, from weddings to bridal showers to homecoming in the fall.  Your closet staples, below.


Get the Look: Summer Party Dresses and Accessories

Floral Cocktail Dress and AccessoriesConfession: We love a good party dress, and will stop at nothing to find the perfect look. Illusion, sequins, fun fit and flare skirts; seriously we could go on for hours.  Not to mention, we love playing the part of a stylist any chance we can get.  With all the invites you have, piecing together an ensemble may have slipped your mind…Whether you find yourself as the guest of a wedding, graduation party, or other semi-formal event, we’ve rounded up 5 fun party dresses with accessories fit for any summer soiree.


Wedding Guest Dresses by Dress Code

Wedding Guest DressesPlaces to go and people to see is basically spring’s unofficial mantra. Add wedding season into the mix and you’ll be going and seeing even more than you planned. And whether it’s your cousin’s coastal Cali I do’s or a family friend’s ballroom affair, the question of “what do I wear?” has likely entered your mind with each invite…perhaps with some panic. After all, what exactly does “dressy casual” mean…and white tie? Is that a thing? (Yes, yes it is.) We broke down 5 popular wedding guest dress codes and the party dresses to wear for each. Panic mode: off.


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