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Wedding Guest Dresses $150 and Under

Wedding Guest Dresses $150 and UnderYou’re already armed with 3 hot trends to try for wedding season and the confidence tips to own the room, but what happens if you’re ::shudder::…on a budget?  Yeah, that changes everything.  So once that invite lands and you’ve got nothing to wear, what’s a gal with a passion for fashion to do?  Answer: shop our $150 and under wedding guest dresses.  We’ve got a ton, but pulled a few of our faves that are just perfect for Fall I do’s.


Go Long or Short with Our Twinning Party Dresses

Long and Short Floral DressesCommon scenario: you’re shopping for a party dress, only to come across the perfect one… except it’s a gown, and you don’t  have to get that dressed up.  Or maybe you’re attending your cousin’s wedding and need a formal look, only to find the cutest short dress that doesn’t exactly fit the black tie dress code.  Unfortunately, any style can’t magically transform into what you want it to be (could you imagine?!)  But today, we’re here to make that dream a little more of a reality.  We scoped out the Camille La Vie collection for our closest long and short dress matches, great for your next wedding, graduation party, or even homecoming.  Indoor, outdoor, black tie, dressy casual…whatever the invite says, we’ve got your covered.


Favorite Hobby? We Have a Dress for That

Summer Dresses Based on Your Favorite HobbyYou may look to fashion magazines or your zodiac sign for some style advice, but your hobbies?  Not so much.  From sports to travel to social media, we chose 7 short dresses that best complement your fave activities.  Fall into more than one category?  All the more options for you, doll.  Scroll below to check out our summery picks.


Match Your Summer Party Dress with Our Mani Pedi Combos

Purple Manicure with FlowersHere’s the thing about mani pedis: the polish color doesn’t have to match.  We know it kind of goes without saying; after all, there’s tons of trendy nail art going around these days.  But why not meet somewhere in the middle of a crazy design and a matchy-matchy mani pedi?  Our chic summer solution: two shades of polish in slightly different colors.  Better yet, we pulled a few of our fave party dresses of the season and the nail colors inspo to match.  Graduation parties, weddings, vacations; wherever you’re headed, get ready to nail your look.


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