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High Low Dresses for Fall Weddings and Beyond

High Low DressesLife can toss tons of decisions at you.  Chocolate or vanilla?  Demi or Selena?  Commute to college or dorm?  Fashion, too, comes with endless choices, and for the indecisive ladies, it can get a little frustrating, especially on occasions where you need to dress up.  Let’s say you’re invited to a wedding.  Should you wear a short or long dress?  Maybe it’s too chilly for a short cocktail dress, or you’re worried that a long evening dress comes off as too extra.  Oh, the possibilities.  What’s appropriate to wear, yet still stands out?


Attention Procrastinators: Time to Get Your Homecoming Dress

Homecoming Dresses by Camille La VieWhile you were busy keeping up with the Kar-Jenners, planning apple-picking excursions, and weighing in on T-Swift’s new singles, the homecoming dance has likely snuck up on you.  If you haven’t already scooped up your semi-formal style, this is your sign to get on it, girl!


Homecoming Dress Picks From the Camille La Vie Editors

Homecoming Dress Picks from Camille La Vie BuyersWell, it’s official: Pumpkin spiced latte season is HERE, people!  Now that we have your attention, what else has us shakin’ in our stilettos?  Homecoming!  If you haven’t already scooped one up by now, you should at least have a pretty good idea of the homecoming dress you’d like to wear (And if you don’t, take our style quiz now!)  We get it-sometimes it’s tough to narrow down a look you love, especially with all the hot trends floating around this season (hellooo statement sleeves and off the shoulder necklines!)  How to decide, how to decide?  We asked three buyers at Camille La Vie for their top homecoming dress pick of the season, along with why that particular dress make the cut for them.  Read on and get inspired for the fall semi-formal, then discover your own pretty pick here!


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