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Editor’s Prom Dress Picks for 5 Fashion Types

Prom Dresses by Camille La VieIt’s the most wonderful time of year; PROM SEASON!  Unless you’ve already gone, you’re probably up to your eyelashes in prom talk; beauty appointments, car arrangements, and after parties, to say the least.  The chatter we’re most interested in?  Your PROM DRESS, of course!  If you’ve already scooped up a Camille La Vie style, be sure to use #CLVGIRL on all your prom posts, so we can see how gorgeous you look!  Still no prom dress?  Depending on your fashion taste, we’ve lined up a few of our favorites below…in 5 chic categories!  From romantic to edgy and a few in between, think of each prom dress as our top nominee for each style category.  Ready for a peek?  Let’s begin…


Find Your Perfect Prom Dress Style with Camille La Vie

Prom Dress Styles Camille La VieWith each prom season comes fresh fashion trends, from specific necklines to colors to fabrics.  Off the shoulder necklines may dominate the scene one year, while anything lavender is hot for the next.  Not one to shop the trends?  No worries; a timeless column or ballgown silhouette with simple detailing is a look that stands the test of time.  Eager to discover your dream dress?  The Camille La Vie prom dress collection includes a blend of both trends and classics at fabulous value.  We broke down some of the most popular prom dress styles so you can shop for your desired look without breaking stride.  Scroll below and prepare to score an A+ in prom fashion.


Color Me Pretty: Prom Dresses in Your Fave Shades

Prom Dress ColorsHey #CLVGIRLS; we’ve got both good and bad news.  Prom is right around the corner (WOO HOO!), which is obvi the good news.  The bad?  If you haven’t picked a dress yet, you need to get going on that, girl!  We know it’s easy to get distracted by Starbucks’ latest Frappuccino craze (unicorn!) or keeping up with the latest Kardashian baby (Khloe’s!), but it’s time to get down to business, prom style.  Whether your prom is next weekend or next month, we’ve got a few dress options lined up….by color!


Match Your Besties with Our Squad Prom Dresses

Matching Prom DressesIf you were to ask us, the top two goals of prom are 1: To have an AH-MAZING time while 2. Looking fabulous.  You already know we’re here to help you nail that red carpet look, but when it comes to pictures with friends, dates, etc. a little fashion coordination can go a long way.  Showing up to prom with your besties?  We’ve got a few ensemble ideas up our chic sleeves… Check out our fave prom dress combos whether you arrive with one, two, or four of your gal pals.  Prepare to appear perfectly in formation as you pose with the Taylor to your Selena (or the Gigi to your Kendall).


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