Quiz: Which Holiday Dress Should You Wear?

Holiday Dress Infographic QuizGot your answer?  Read below for more details…then shop the dress!

Mostly A’s. . .

Beaded Fit-N-Flare Dress

You enjoy the simple things in life, and are far from picky.  As for personality, you tend to go with the flow and avoid following the fads.  This holiday season, choose this deep red racer cut dress with just enough sparkle for your minimalist self.

Shop: XS9473

Mostly B’s. . .

Long Sleeve Beaded Jersey Dress

Girl, you’ve got a bit of a rock ‘n roll streak in you!  You live off espresso and gravitate towards the edgy things in life, like band tees and winged eyeliner.  We totally see you in this cutout black mini adorned with rhinestones for your holiday celebration.

Shop: 135X

Mostly C’s. . .

Glitter Lace Halter Dress

Sugar, spice, and everything nice; your friends adore you for your kind, sweet personality.  Chic is the word to describe your style, which is why this sparkling dress is perfect for your next holiday bash.

Shop: J7WMJ317

Mostly D’s. . .

Ruffle One Shoulder Dress

Hot fashion, T-Swift’s new single, the latest “it” frappuccino; you live for the latest trends and have a bubbly personality to match your ever-changing style.  Try this ruffled one shoulder midi in a shade that’s as vibrant as your personality.

Shop: A19638