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Quinceañera Dresses for 5 Fun Themes

Quinceanera Dresses for 5 Fun ThemesFrom the grand entrance, special dance with dad, and lighting of fifteen candles, your Quinceañera is a day to cherish…and revel in the spotlight.  Along with the transition into adulthood, this special day is all about celebrating with your nearest and dearest.  One of the most significant parts of this momentous occasion?  Appearing in your beautiful dress!  Whether you have a traditional Quince or choose a fun theme (we narrowed down our fave 6!) the Camille La Vie collection is filled with ballgowns fit for every picture-perfect moment.  Scroll below for the ultimate inspiration.


Graduation Dresses for Every Event

Graduation Dresses for Every EventIf you’re anything like us, your mind is on the fast track to summer.  In all honesty, we’re ready to shift our focus from test scores to tan lines.  But unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet.  Lying in between now and summer is a ‘lil thing called graduation, and whether it’s your time to graduate or simply support the friends who are, you’re going to need something to wear.  Well, we’re here for you, loves. Check out our graduation dress picks for ceremony, day, and night. Class of 2018: it’s #partytime.


Valentine’s Day Dresses for 5 Types of Plans

Valentine's Day Dresses by Camille La VieValentine’s Day can be a lot like NYE in that there’s a lot of pressure to have something exciting on the calendar.  Whether it’s a girl’s night out or romantic date with your bae, having plans gets rid of any fomo.  But unless your idea involves a night of Netflix and bubble baths (self-love, for the win!) you’re going to need something super cute to wear.  To help a girl out, we took a little pressure off of the whole outfit ordeal.  In the spirit of love, we lined up 5 Valentine’s Day dresses inspired by potential plans you may have.  Eat your heart out, loves.


Holiday Dresses Under $100

Holiday Dress Under $100Raise your hand if your to-do list at the ‘mo includes endless shopping, present swapping, cookie baking, decorating, and- dah dah dah dah! -the actual holidays themselves.  (Um, can we raise our fingers and toes, too?)  This time of year can be stressful and super-busy, making it easy to overlook what it’s really all about.  While the meaning of it all points to friends and fam, the drain on your time and wallet can make a merry and bright season well, merry and not-so-bright.


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