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Graduation Dresses for Every Event

Graduation Dresses for Every EventIf you’re anything like us, your mind is on the fast track to summer.  In all honesty, we’re ready to shift our focus from test scores to tan lines.  But unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet.  Lying in between now and summer is a ‘lil thing called graduation, and whether it’s your time to graduate or simply support the friends who are, you’re going to need something to wear.  Well, we’re here for you, loves. Check out our graduation dress picks for ceremony, day, and night. Class of 2018: it’s #partytime.


Graduation Dresses Based on Your School Persona

Graduation Dresses by Camille La VieWith prom season slowly wrapping up, graduation is fast approaching (woo hoo!).  After months of preparing for a magical prom night, it’s time to transition from sparkling gowns to new fashion that resembles a fresh start.  And does anything say “you’ve earned it” like wearing a pearly white graduation dress while receiving that diploma?  We’ll answer that: nope!  As your prom dress can reveal bits of your personality, so can your graduation dress!  That’s why we’ve chosen 6 styles based on different school personalities.  So whether you’re the funny gal or more of a jock, we’ve chosen our own style superlatives based on your persona.  Your final test?  Rocking any of these gorgeous graduation looks.


You Did It: Our Top Graduation Dress Picks

Graduation Dresses by Camille La Vie

Sometime after diplomas are distributed and mom dries her “happy tears”, graduation season begins to gain momentum.  Parties flood calendars anywhere from May to July, and whether it’s a friend’s, cousin’s, or your very own celebration, stay camera-ready in a dress that’s as dreamy as the future.  Still stumped on a style?  Keep any of these much-loved minis in your arsenal and you’ll be set for the summer.  It’s #partytime.


Graduation Dresses that are Too Cool for School

New Graduation Dresses

As graduation day creeps closer and closer, the pressure of finding the perfect dress starts to set in.  What to wear to close out one life chapter and begin another?  You asked, we’ve got answers.  From floral to fitted to fit and flare, check out our favorite new arrivals from the graduation shop that are guaranteed to pass the final test. Who’s that hottie with the diploma?  Oh wait, that’s you.  To the future!


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