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3 Easy Style Resolutions for 2019

Style Resolutions for 2019The cookies have been consumed.  Gifts torn open.  Parties attended to.  Resolutions? ….Let’s not go there.  We hesitate to even use the word “resolution” since it indicates something needs fixing, which to be honest, seems draining from the start.


Homecoming Dresses Based on Your Zodiac Element

Homecoming Dresses by Your Zodiac ElementWe look to the stars for relationship and career advice, but what about fashion?  If you’re in deep thought about what your homecoming dress should be, look no further; we’ve pulled a ton of adorable styles based on your zodiac element.  Are you an air, water, earth, or fire sign?  Scroll below to find out!


Get the Look: Summer Party Dresses and Accessories

Floral Cocktail Dress and AccessoriesConfession: We love a good party dress, and will stop at nothing to find the perfect look. Illusion, sequins, fun fit and flare skirts; seriously we could go on for hours.  Not to mention, we love playing the part of a stylist any chance we can get.  With all the invites you have, piecing together an ensemble may have slipped your mind…Whether you find yourself as the guest of a wedding, graduation party, or other semi-formal event, we’ve rounded up 5 fun party dresses with accessories fit for any summer soiree.


New Year’s Style Resolutions for 2018

Fit and Flare Party Dress“This year I want to join the gym, stop gossiping, and eat healthier once and for all”…sound familiar?  Whether you crush your resolutions every year or struggle to get a jump start, the point is that you’re trying to change for the better…major props!  But if you’re tired of the same ‘ol cliché goals, we’ve got a few below that involve none other than fashion.  From pre-planning outfits to tossing the rules altogether, scroll below for 5 style resolutions that are sure to make a difference all year…no diet or gym in sight. (more…)

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