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Style Guide 2019: Prom Dress, Heels, and Clutch

Long Prom Dresses by Camille La VieIf there was a general checklist of everything you needed for prom, it would probably look something like: prom dress, hair, nails, makeup, heels, clutch, jewelry, and, you know, a way to get there.  Today, we’re here to check off 3 of those boxes with some of our fave prom dress, heels, and clutch combos.  Scroll below for 9 chic ideas to steal, and consider your wardrobe done.


Welcome to the 2019 Prom Dress Oscars

The 2019 Prom Dress Oscars Welcome to the Camille La Vie Oscars!  It’s been a long season filled with many fabulous dresses, but we narrowed down our winning 8 based on the basic elements of a prom dress.  Scroll below to check out the winners for best neckline, silhouette, color, and more.  Ready to take center stage in a stunning prom dress?  The envelope, please…


Trending for Prom ’19: Oversize Floral Prom Dresses

Off the Shoulder Rose Print Scuba Prom Dress by Camille La VieYou probably know this, but the 80’s are back, so it’s no surprise that everything in fashion is a bit more extra.  Voluminous tiered skirts.  Shiny satin.  Ruffles on ruffles.  Pops of neon.  And on the print spectrum, larger-than-life florals.  As prom gets closer and closer, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for this fresh take on floral prints.  Rather than dainty and delicate, the new way to wear them is bold and in-your-face.  Interested?  We searched our collection and picked a beautiful bouquet of oversize floral print prom dresses, just for you.


Style Guide: Prom Dress + Heels + Clutch

Style Guide: Prom Dress, Heels, and ClutchLet’s get it out there: it’s almost prom are you’re, like, really excited.  But since the formal dance is a once (or maybe twice) in a lifetime experience, there’s a certain level of stress that creeps in when it’s time to go shopping, namely trying to match your prom dress with the perfect accessories.  After all, how easy is it tell if the encrusted beading on your dress is the same as the clutch you eyed in the mall…without having said dress with you (answer: kinda impossibly overwhelming) Luckily, we did some of the work for you by pairing some dazzling styles with chic heels and handbags that complement.  Scroll below for our prom dress + accessory combos.


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