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Best Gifts For Your Bestie – Under $50!

Holiday Gift Guide

Gift giving is always tricky with friends. While we may know their tastes pretty well, we don’t always have the extra funds around the holidays to buy all of our friends gifts, but it’s always nice to make the effort with a small thoughtful gesture. It’s the thought that counts after all! And believe it or not, there are actually plenty of chic gifts to be had on a budget! Here’s our picks for best bestie gifts under $50! (more…)

Style Guide: Illuminate Homecoming with Metallics!

Edgy Metallics

Here’s your weekly style guide for the EDGY METALLICS look. (more…)

Valedictorian of Style: Four of the smartest looks for graduation.


You’re graduating and you have tons of parties to attend from morning to night but what to wear?? Well, we’ve got you covered…literally from head to toe. Here are four fab looks showcasing our dresses and accessories for your graduation and/or the party(s) after. (more…)

Camille La Vie on Tumblr!

Prom 2012 is in full gear! And what better way to prep for that one momentous occasion than by attending a session at “PRETTY CONVERSATIONS” – our Camille La Vie Tumblr! Being the innate prom fashion addicts that we are, we just can’t help but tumble on a frequent basis about all things fabulous, frilly, flirty and just plain fun. (more…)