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Long Evening Dresses for Fall and Winter

Long Evening DressesThere’s something so glamorous about wearing a long evening dress.  Maybe it’s the elegant feel as the gown sweeps the floor or the vibe that you’re about to stroll into the Oscars.  Since it hardly comes as often as the jeans and tees you throw on every day, the act of wearing a gown is super exciting  After all, the best part of dressing up is the dress, right?  With prom still months away, you may be silently telling us to take a chill pill, but the heart of fall wedding season is upon us, which means gowns, gowns, gowns!


Short Guest of Wedding Dresses to Keep You Cool All Summer

Short Guest of Wedding Dresses Camille La Vie

While destination weddings can technically take place year ‘round, summer is especially susceptible to out of town “I do’s.”  And these days, the creativity is at an all-time high.  Between gardens and vineyards and coastlines, remote nuptials can take you to some sweltering places.  Since we’re pretty sure shorts and flip flops won’t fare well with a black tie dress code (or the bride!), what’s a girl gotta do to stay cool around here?


It Takes Two: Mani Pedi Combos for Wedding Guest Dresses

Nail Colors for Summer Weddings

Kick off your heels; as of yesterday, summer is officially here!  While there’s always an excuse to lacquer up, the season of pool parties and open toe shoes has us sprinting to the nearest nail salon for a little TLC.  But what’s better than totally nailing (pun intended) your mani/pedi shade combo?  Finding a flirty dress to match!  Whether you’re headed to a summer wedding or someplace else special, behold, the nails-toes-dress inspo you need for a pretty, polished finish.


Style Guide: How to Wear Black in the Summer

Black Styles for the Summer

Why do we love black?  Let us count thee ways… The universal shade works with any skin tone, nearly any occasion, and looks insanely chic to boot.  Personal love affair aside, the unwritten rules of fashion hint that black is a color reserved for gloomier months.  However, if you’re anything like us, you proudly suit up in the inky shade all year ‘round, haters to the left (we’re referring to you, no-white-after-labor-day crowd).  But how to show up to a summery event without looking all gloom-and-doom?  It’s allll in the accessories ladies; keep reading to find out how we style our faves for a winning summer look.


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