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Graduation Dresses Based on Your School Persona

Graduation Dresses by Camille La VieWith prom season slowly wrapping up, graduation is fast approaching (woo hoo!).  After months of preparing for a magical prom night, it’s time to transition from sparkling gowns to new fashion that resembles a fresh start.  And does anything say “you’ve earned it” like wearing a pearly white graduation dress while receiving that diploma?  We’ll answer that: nope!  As your prom dress can reveal bits of your personality, so can your graduation dress!  That’s why we’ve chosen 6 styles based on different school personalities.  So whether you’re the funny gal or more of a jock, we’ve chosen our own style superlatives based on your persona.  Your final test?  Rocking any of these gorgeous graduation looks.


White Homecoming Dresses Are a Total Yes

White Homecoming DressesIn the midst of new friends, schedules, and supplies, shopping for a homecoming dress may not be high on your to-do list.  And what with the silly no white after labor day rule, it seems the angelic shade would be off-limits for the back-to-school dance.  But rules are meant to be broken, no?  Before you retreat to the blacks, blues, and burgundies that dominate the season, we think that a white homecoming dress deserves a go.  Behold, our heavenly faves from the latest collection, granting you full permission to show off your pearly whites once and for all.


A Dress For Every Bride’s Wedding Events


Engagements and showers and bachelorettes-oh my! There are so many events that lead up to the Big Day, which give way to plenty of wardrobe options. Narrowing down a wedding dress can be overwhelming enough, never mind choosing the perfect outfits for your final functions as a single lady.  As a bride, sticking to an all-white uniform isn’t exactly mandatory, but allows you to bask in the glory of becoming a Mrs. With so many stops on the road to I do, how many LWD’s are there to go around? Let Camille La Vie be your guide!


It’s the LWD Season!

fb_2_42914-short-dresses-camille-la-vieAfter all the snowstorms and mindless bitter cold days, it’s safe to say that we have finally reached seasonal bliss! Phew! In homage to Spring 2014, we’d like to take this moment to profess our love for the timeless and ever so renowned LWD (fashion code for little white dress). (more…)

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