Pearly Whites for Prom in 5 Easy Steps


Hello Beautiful, Let’s Whiten! Having a luminous smile to match your beautiful prom dress is a must; just think about all of the pictures you will take with your girlfriends! Look back at those #nofilter pics and love those pearly whites you see, use Crest 3D White.

Complete these easy steps for a stunning white smile for prom:

  1. On the day of your prom, we think you should choose the 2 Hour Strips to whiten your teeth quickly and in one shot before the big night! Start by brushing your teeth for clean surface so the strips can stick perfectly to your teeth. Take a picture to compare once you are done whitening, it will be fun to see the results!
  2. Open the strips one at a time as directed by the box and stick the strips to the top row of teeth first and then repeat on the bottom row. While doing this, try to keep your mouth dry and saliva free so the strips stay on for the whole two hours!
  3. Here’s where you wait… Try doing other productive things to get ready for prom while you whiten, take a shower, go get your hair done, or prep your nails, after all a girl’s got a lot to do before prom!
  4. After the two hours is up (be sure not to go overtime) carefully remove the strips and rinse your mouth out with water. You can brush your teeth again gently to remove any excess gel.
  5. Take a picture of your bright and fabulous teeth and compare to your before photo! Like what you see? We thought so; get ready to smile big for the cameras all prom-night long and have a blast!!

If you’d like to you can use these two hour whitening strips once every couple of months leading up to your prom to achieve an unbeatable white and sparkling smile! We know you’ll look gorgeous on your prom night, but having a pretty white smile will give you that extra boost of confidence that every girl craves on such a special night!


Xo, Camille