Your Homecoming Dress Guide for 8 Fun Themes

HomecomingWhat’s more fun than a homecoming celebration?  A themed homecoming celebration!  Whether you’re big back to school dance takes you to the 1920’s or under the sea, a major question you might have is, “What in the world do I wear?”   We rounded up 8 fun homecoming themes and the homecoming dresses that perfectly pair with each, so your only concern will be how to craft an awesome IG post.  And there’s plenty of inspo to go around; share these styles with your friends for the most epic entrance ever.


Paris Theme Homeocming DressesShop: 7076YB1P  7036YB1P  1441X

Mentally transport to the streets of Paris when you slip on any of these romantic dresses!  Ruffles, off the shoulder necklines, and flirty fit and flare silhouettes fare just right for the city of love theme.  Oui oui!

Roaring 20’s

Roaring 20's Homecoming DressesShop: QC84P008  48880ML  QS85N734

A jazz age setting calls for dresses that dazzle!  More is more with this chic theme; slim silhouettes, fringe, and heavy sequins totally nail the celebratory vibe of the 1920’s.


Carnival Theme Homecoming DressesShop: 31293  31333  31353

Cotton candy, anyone?  With its bright lights and quirky atmosphere (hello, Ferris wheels and Fun Houses!), a carnival theme is the time to show your whimsical side.  Capture the vibe with a fit and flare homecoming dress in a fun shade of red, green, or blue.

Under the Sea

Under the Sea Theme Homecoming DressesShop: 7022YB1P  31033  30293

Dive deep into the ocean with a sleek blue or silver homecoming dress!  Mimic a mermaid’s top with a cutout illusion bodice (middle) and a silhouette that flows like the waves.  Sea you at the dance!

New York

New York Theme Homecoming DressesShop: 777X  4XGK861  30203

For the city that never sleeps, the fashion is fairly…simple.  Capture the essence of a true New Yorker with an all-black ensemble for homecoming, from a sparkling sequin mini to a sophisticated fitted style.

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Theme Homecoming DressesShop: Q451L646  30933  30683

From the yellow brick road to Dorothy’s iconic ruby heels and blue gingham dress, the Wizard of Oz is filled with famous props.  Give a nod to the film with a homecoming dress that reflects parts of the epic journey.  There’s no place like homecoming…


Disco Theme Homecoming DressesShop: 3095  48895  Q7AAN319

Show off your smooth moves in a dress that (literally) lights up the dance floor.  Try for a beaded or studded mini that comes alive under the disco ball.  Far out!

Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden Theme Homecoming DressesShop: 3768QG9B  31383  1231X

An enchanted garden theme is both romantic and magical.  Complement the mystic outdoor vibe with a ladylike homecoming dress; think lace, florals, or hints of glitter.  Totally twirl crushin’.

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